Principal's Welcome

Dear St. Francis Families and Friends,
It’s my privilege to welcome each of you to the 2016-2017 St. Francis High School – Salesian College Preparatory website. I am very excited to continue my journey as the President and Principal of such an esteemed college preparatory institution. I have spent 31 years in Catholic, Salesian education, providing me with a deep understanding of the profound responsibility that our faculty, coaches, and staff have in shaping young women and men to become successful adults equipped with a strong set of Christian values and a genuine concern for others.
Our great school is named after St. Francis of Assisi, but our charism comes from St. John Bosco. The story of St. John Bosco and his mission is inspiring. It captures the essence of who we are and why our school exists – to ensure every student is prepared to attend a 4-year college and possesses the values of a good Christian and an honest global citizen. St. John Bosco’s revolutionary educational leadership in 19th century Italy led to sweeping educational reform and has become the cornerstone and vernacular for most contemporary schools – whether they are public, charter, private, or diocesan. This educational philosophy is as relevant today as it was in Turin 150 years ago.
Since 2001, the partnership between the Diocese of Monterey, Salesian priests and brothers who follow the model of St. John Bosco, and our community of parents has empowered young women and men to be successful. They have found this success in the classroom, on the court and field, and in the community as each student and staff member continues to demonstrate servant leadership. Students graduate from St. Francis, a Salesian college preparatory high school, as confident and dynamic young women and men of character who are ready to lead, serve, and inspire.
As evidence of that readiness, we want to share with you the following noteworthy accomplishments from the last 4 years:
• Students annually test well above average on the PSAT and SAT exams. Our four-year SAT scores are 34 points higher than the local and national average.
• Students annually test well above average on the Advanced Placement and National Latin exams. Our four-year AP score history averages 11-45% higher pass percentages than the local and national average. In the last four years Calculus BC, English Language, Studio Art, Spanish Language, and English Literature have all celebrated a 100% pass rate one or more times.
• We annually have at least 2 National Merit Commended Scholars, Semi-Finalists, Finalists, and/or National Hispanic Merit Commended Scholars.
• 100% of our AP Spanish Language, AP English Literature, AP Calculus, and AP Biology students, are recognized in their respective National Honor Societies.
• The junior and senior classes recognize 46% membership in the California Scholarship Federation and 38% are members of the National Honor Society.
• 43% of our student population is identified as a varsity scholar athlete.
• 26% of our students have a 4.0 or better in a rigorous college preparatory curriculum that includes honors, Advanced Placement, and blended learning (Online classes).
• 99% of our graduates attend college, and 100% of our students who apply to college are accepted into a college of their choice.
• 100% of our students participate in extracurricular activities and complete an annual service project.
St. Francis offers a comprehensive high school experience that is also an intensely personal one. Our teacher to student ratio is 12.8:1 with an average class size of 20. Within this framework we are committed to prepare students for the dynamic challenges of an ever-changing world. Now more than ever, students need to master not only subject knowledge but also master 21st century skills like critical thinking, creation, collaboration, and oral/written communication. Our highly qualified, expert staff mentors each young person to master the rigors of class as well as build the confidence he or she needs to be a leader in the community.
As part of our vision we have grown the school by 18.05%. We have done this by delivering on our promise: we ensure excellence in academics, athletics, arts, service, leadership, and faith development. As a result, we now proudly serve students from four local counties in California as well as countries outside of the US – like China, Brazil, Belgium, Germany, and South Korea. It is our plan to grow the local number students attending as well as expand our service to students from outside the US. Being so close to Silicone Valley and the international city of San Francisco, it is our plan to mentor global citizens who demonstrate good Christian values. 
Secondly, our mission and vision focuses our attention on program and service expansion. The school allows students to take 7 classes each semester and we teach using the 4x4 rotating block system. This allows our teachers and students to investigate, research, create, and produce better than any surrounding school. All of our students use iPads and all of us have committed to printing 25% less products than last year. We are getting greener each year. Since the introduction of blended learning – online learning done on campus, managed by our staff, with peer and teacher tutoring – we now offer more
Advanced Placement, honors, and elective choices in math, social studies, science, modern language, and the visual arts. The school has had recent success in athletics due to a commitment to hire teachers/staff who are program coaches as well as the expansion of our strength and conditioning program for all athletes in an effort to promote good health, safety, nutrition, and injury rehabilitation.
Finally, we continue to expand our robust tuition assistance program and our facilities. Over the last four years we have grown the tuition assistance dollars by 95.2% - we’ve added more scholarships and need-based assistance to a high of $650,000. This affords more students opportunities to attend an excellent institution like St. Francis. Currently we offer extensive need-based tuition assistance and merit-based tuition assistance. Besides enhancing our tuition assistance, we have completed classroom renovations with more access points and Apple TV’s in each classroom to facilitate real-time, always-on learning. This year we have a strong commitment to facility improvements by turfing our athletic fields for our students’ and the young people of the Watsonville community. Our vision is coming to fruition as we continue to fulfill the mission of St. John Bosco.
Our school wide theme states that we are, “WE ARE A FAMILY! Every home, a school of Life and Love.” Let us not forget this ideal as we connect it to the message of Pope Francis: “Dear Young People, do not bury your talents – the gifts God has given you! Do not be afraid to dream of great things!” We are here to nurture big dreams in all of the young people that we serve; and as mentors and Salesian educators to the young, we are here to help them support each other and our communities as servant leaders with influence.
There is something truly extraordinary about St. Francis High School, and each member of our community has played an integral role in our growth. As the leader of our St. Francis High School family, I look forward to building a strong relationship with you so that we may continue to provide young women and men with the necessary formation to be captains of industry, champions of social justice, innovative design thinkers, and ethical leaders in our local and global communities. 
God bless, and Go SHARKS!

Patrick Lee