Scholarships and Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance
The Tuition Assistance Program offered by St. Francis High School is designed to provide assistance to families demonstrating financial need, or to students who demonstrate merit-based performance. We ask families to follow the process carefully, so we can effectively assess the needs of all students who apply.
How do I apply for Tuition Assistance?
All new and returning families interested in Tuition Assistance must do the following:  
  • Complete and submit (directly to the school) an Application for Tuition Assistance, you can download and print the application at the bottom of this page
  • Complete and submit the Grant and Aid Application form through FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment Service. Click here LINK to begin the application
  • In addition, all families must submit to FACTS, their filed federal and state tax returns for the 2015 year, along with all 2016 W-2s, 1099’s and information on any other non-taxable income.
  • Submit tax returns and income documentation to FACTS by mail, Email, or fax.  Instructions can be found on the Checklist for Tuition Assistance Program document located in the Tuition Assistance Application.
  • Important:  Tax documentation should not be submitted to St. Francis - all documentation must be submitted to FACTS for verification.
  • The FACTS account you create will be the same account you will use for your monthly payment plan.
How much Financial Aid will I receive?
  • St. Francis recognizes that each family is responsible for the cost of their child’s education and asks that each family contribute towards the cost of their child’s education.  The amount of Tuition Assistance varies according to the financial resources of each family and the amount of funds available at the school.  In 2016-2017 St. Francis awarded over $650,000 in tuition assistance.
  • Tuition Assistance covers tuition only.  It does not cover the application fee, registration fee, extra-curricular activities, transportation, or any class/iPad/athletic related fees.
Do I have to re-apply for tuition assistance each year of attendance?
  • Yes, students who receive tuition assistance need to re-apply on an annual basis.  St Francis is aware that once a student joins our community with a tuition assistance award, the need will be present for the four years that the student attends our school however; a completed application must be submitted for an award to be made each year.  
  • Integral to the annual application process is maintaining the appropriate GPA, behavioral standards of the school as well as upholding your financial commitment.
What are the deadlines?
November 13, 2016: 
Applications will be available
February 3, 2017: 
1.  FACTS Grant and Aid application and supporting documentation due to FACTS
2.  Application for Tuition Assistance is due to St. Francis 
March 17, 2017
Tuition Assistance award offers mailed
If you have questions about our Financial Assistance program, please contact: Lilia M. Reyes, Business Manager at 
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