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Response to Intervention (RTI)

Response To Intervention (RTI) 2015 PLAN:

Our Response to Intervention (RTI) Plan is St. Francis High School responding to our struggling learners with academic interventions that match the student’s needs. We will use practical, research-based strategies for interventions. This program will be implemented by the Principal and managed directly by the Assistant Principal of Academics. The mentor teacher/advisor will be Mr. Vince Monroy.

 Students will be placed on RTI contract created by the Principal and introduced by the Assistant Principal of Academics and the Advisor

 The Advisor will have access to teacher grade books and will weekly check the progress each student is making. This coupled with the auto reminders that our RenWeb gradebook software generates will keep the students and families informed of weekly progress

 The Advisor will meet with students during his off period(s) to review progress in each class. The advisor will celebrate successes and focus on strategies for improvement in classes where the grade is less than 70%

 When personal counseling is needed, the advisor will coordinate and collaborate with Counselor Ms. Tish Green. All of this will be documented in a log/binder provided by the Principal to the Advisor

 The identified students in the RTI Program will meet with the advisor Monday - Thursday during tutorial. The Advisor may allow a student to meet with another teacher for additional help with a specific subject. The teacher has to write a note to release the student from tutorial with the advisor. The Advisor will keep a binder/log of student attendance in his tutorial and/or with other teachers

 Before leaving tutorial each day the student will have to show his/her homework log (Created by the Principal) of that night’s homework and what was completed during that tutorial. The Advisor will sign off on the log each day

 The Advisor will check in weekly with each student’s teachers for information on progress, missing work, big tests or projects coming up, etc. This can be done electronically and in person. All information will be saved in the Advisor’s log/binder

 The Advisor will work with the whole group of students on organization strategies and studying strategies

 Based on a specific teacher’s suggestions/observations, the advisor will go observe the student(s) in a particular class and take notes to share with the student and his/her parents

 The Advisor will call/email parents weekly to update on progress and share strategies for improvement

 The Advisor and Assistant Principal of Academics will meet once every two weeks, or as needed, to review each student’s progress 

 Failure to turn in the log, to show up to tutorial, complete the contract, etc. will result in the Advisor issuing a lunch DT for a maximum of 2 times. Repeat offenders will receive a SAT DT for 5 or more times.  A Discipline Review Board will be held for any student exceeding 5 times. At this point further action will be taken.