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The Department of Athletics is committed to enriching campus life through a program of interscholastic athletics and to promoting the development of qualities in the student-athlete that will serve the participating individual and the community.

Towards that end, the Department offers competition for young men and women as part of the educational program of the school. The goals of its programs are…

… to instill in the student-athlete a sense of responsibility by demanding consistently high standards of behavior and making the student-athlete aware and respectful of the needs of others;

… to engender commitment in the student-athlete by directing him/her to an acceptance of the goals of the team and an appreciation of the needs of his/her teammates, coaches, opponents, and officials.

… to nurture unselfishness in the student-athlete by requiring that his/her actions on and off the playing field be consistent with the goals of the team as a whole and not be directed towards individual honors;

… to generate in the student-athlete a willingness to sacrifice his/her time and energy towards the fulfillment of shared goals;

… to further a sense of personal discipline on the part of the student-athlete by demanding abstention from activities that limit his/her athletic, academic, and personal potential;

… to enhance the student-athlete's appreciation of the goodness of God's creation through a greater awareness of the joy that can come with athletic competition.