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SFPA Bylaws


St. Francis High School

Watsonville, California


Section 1: Mission. We, the parents and guardians of students and alumni of St. Francis Central Coast Catholic High School (hereafter referred to as “the school”) support administration, faculty and staff in their endeavors to provide comprehensive, college-preparatory, Salesian education to students of diverse backgrounds. We acknowledge and foster the unique chrism of the Salesian educational system, as well as the innate worth and dignity of all members of our community and by our example and our effort will assist the administrators, faculty and staff.

Section 2: Objectives. The primary purpose of the St. Francis Parent Association (hereafter referred to as the “SFPA” or “the association”) is to promote the school’s mission by strengthening and supporting the family-school community. We seek close cooperation among all members of the school community – students, parents and families, administrators, teachers and staff – as an essential element in attaining the following objectives:

  1. Assist the administration, faculty and staff in fulfilling the mission of the school. The leadership of the SFPA will act as a resource for the president and as ambassadors to the larger community;
  2. Assist the school community to reach educational goals and objectives;
  3. Assist the student body in student activities by promoting and /or sponsoring enterprises for the student body which have for their object improved scholarship, fellowship, as well as, appropriate outlets for physical and social energy and preparation for responsible citizenship;
  4. Establish, supervise and foster standing communities such as SF Boosters, the Spring Festival Committee, etc., which operate under the auspices and control of the SFPA;
  5. Provide opportunities for continuing education of parents on topics and issues facing today’s families;
  6. Provide opportunities for volunteer service to the school through the Service Hours Program;
  7. Institute and adhere to standard business practices within the organization and provide fundraising and support activities which complement the financial plan of the school, through special events such as the Spring Festival. Each year the SFPA will meet to determine the year’s fundraising, service and community-building activities.  
  8. Promote the school’s community outreach activities that represent Salesian spirit and ideals.


Section 1. Members. All parents and guardians of students and alumni of St. Francis Central Coast Catholic High School are members. 

Section 2. Meetings of Members. The SFPA will hold regular meetings for the membership at dates and times specified and published by the association and school administration. The association’s officers will fix the dates and times for membership meetings in consultation with the school administration.

An annual meeting of the members will be held in May of each year for nominations for election of officers. At this meeting the executive officers of the association will be selected. Officers will be elected by a simple majority of those members present. The president of the association may call for additional general or executive board meetings as needed and will provide sufficient notice to the appropriate membership.

When a consensus cannot be reached, the president may call for a vote on any issue at his or her discretion, in which matters the majority vote of the members present will decide.

Meetings will be conducted in a business-like manner. Questions of order will be governed by established practice or by Robert’s Rules of Order.


Section 1. Executive Officers. Executive Officers of this association will be: the president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, Boosters’ Club president and volunteer coordinator. This association may also have such other officers as necessary for the conduct of the association’s business. These additional officers may be elected by the executive officers and subject to the approval of the school president. Any member of this association may be elected as an officer. The Executive Officers shall form the Executive Board of the SFPA.

Section 2. Election of Officers. The officers of this association will be elected at the May general meeting by the members, subject to approval by the school president and will serve at the pleasure of the school president. Refer to Article 4 for nomination and election specifics.

Section 3. Appointment to Vacant Offices. Subject to the school president’s approval, the officers will have the power to appoint officers to vacant positions as they occur.

Section 4. President. The president of this association shall be its chief executive officer and will have general supervision, direction and control of the business and the officers of the association. The president will preside at all SFPA meetings, appoint all chairpersons, and be an ex-officio, non-voting member of all committees. The president will have the general powers and duties of management generally vested in the office of president, and will have such other powers, duties and restrictions as may be prescribed by these bylaws.

Section 5. Vice President. In the absence or disability of the president, the vice president will perform all the duties of the president and shall have the general powers and duties specified in Section 4. The vice president will be responsible to provide acknowledgement of service to a specific member and/or officer in the form of a gift, as directed by the executive board, and perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the association’s president.

Section 6. Secretary. The secretary will have all the general powers and duties associated with

the office of secretary, such as distribution of minutes, making copies, writing and/or approving SFPA correspondence and will have other duties as may be prescribed by the association’s officers. The secretary will keep, or cause to be kept, a book of minutes of all meetings and actions of the association. The secretary will give, or cause to be given, notice of all meetings of this association. The secretary will be the custodian of the SFPA stationery. 

Section 7. Treasurer.   The treasurer shall be the chief financial officer of this association and shall keep and maintain, or cause to be kept and maintained, adequate and correct accounts of the properties and business transactions of this association, including accounts of its assets, liabilities, receipts, disbursements, gains, losses, capital, and retained earnings.  The books of account shall, at reasonable times, be open to inspection by any SFPA officer, the school president, and the moderator.

Unless another officer is given such responsibility by the treasurer, the treasurer shall keep track of all monies and other valuables in the name and to the credit of this association with such depositories as designated by the school’s administrative policies.  S/he shall work in close collaboration and communication with the school bookkeeper and secretary concerning deposits, check writing, and record keeping. Unless another officer is given such responsibility by the association’s officers, the treasurer shall approve the disbursement of the association’s funds as may be ordered by the association; the treasurer shall render to the association’s president and the officers, whenever they request it, a written account of all his/her transactions as treasurer, and have such other powers and perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the president of this association, this association’s officers or these bylaws.

Section 8. Parent Volunteer Coordinator. The parent volunteer coordinator will send emails to inform members of SFPA events and volunteer opportunities to fulfill service hour requirements, solicit SFPA-related donations, and other SFPA related announcements, as directed by the executive board and approved by the moderator. The coordinator will record service hours submitted by the members and submit those records at the completion of the school year to the school administration.

Section 9. Sports Boosters Club President. The Boosters Club president will coordinate with the school principal and athletic director information about Booster Club annual passes and programs, the soliciting of advertisement, and the printing of the passes and programs through the registration packets. The Boosters Club president will coordinate staffing of the admissions table for all home games hosted by the school at which admission is charged, will arrange for and oversee the volunteers for the concession stands during the football / volleyball and basketball seasons, and will coordinate purchasing of supplies through volunteer effort. The Boosters Club president will organize and publicize the annual pancake breakfast, and will assist the athletic director in the hosting of the sports banquets at the end of each sports season.

Section 10. Immediate Past President. The immediate past president, if a member of the SFPA, may serve in an advisory, non-voting capacity on the Executive Board, when approved by the school president.

Section 11. Removal and Resignation of Officers; Vacancies in Office. Any officer of this association may be removed, either with or without cause, by the school president. Any officer may resign at any time by giving written notice to the moderator. Any resignation shall take effect at such time as the resignation is received unless the moderator approves of a later specified date. A vacancy in any office shall be filled in the manner prescribed in Article 3, Section 3 of these bylaws for regular appointments to that office.

Section 12. Powers and Moderator. The business and affairs of this association shall be managed and all powers of the association shall be exercised by or under the direction of the executive officers and the moderator. 

The moderator, appointed by the school president, is a school administrator who attends the meetings, provides support for the SFPA, and speaks for the school on all matters before the SFPA. 

The SFPA president may establish ad hoc committees, as deemed necessary. The Executive Board may establish standing committees, as are deemed necessary. 


Section 1: Nominations. Nomination for the elected officers will be made by the Executive Board during the month of April as a result of a process developed and managed by the board that solicits input from the general membership. A notice will be sent to the general membership by the secretary inviting nominations for officers. These nominations must have the approval of the school president before their names are placed on the ballot. 

Section 2: Elections. Elections shall be by ballot during the May general meeting and a simple majority vote of those present shall elect. Single candidates for office are declared elected.

Thus, the typical process for determining the election of officers shall be as follows:

  1. Nominations are received and accepted.
  2. The school president reviews and approves the nominees.
  3. Approved nominees are listed as candidates on the ballot. 
  4. The election is conducted.

Section 3: Assuming Officer Responsibilities. The newly elected officers shall be presented with their duties at the June officers meeting. Prior to this meeting, the previous year’s officers shall transfer to their successors all books, records and properties pertaining to their office. All records are to be up to date, except that the current treasurer will transfer all responsibilities to the newly elected treasurer by the close of the school’s fiscal year, June 30. The term of office shall be one year starting with the June officers meeting. All elected officers shall hold office for no more than two consecutive terms unless, under extraordinary circumstances, an exception is made by the school president.


Section 1. Required Records and Reports. At a location designated by the moderator, this association shall keep adequate and correct books and records of account, minutes of the general meetings, proceedings and annual meetings, and the original or a copy of the bylaws, as amended to date. The minutes shall be kept in written form and the accounting books and records should be kept either in written form or in any other form capable of being converted into written form. The secretary of this association shall cause a copy of the minutes or written consents of the officers to be promptly sent to each officer, and be made available to the general membership.

Section 2. Inspection by Officers. Every officer shall have the right, at any reasonable time, to inspect and copy all books, records, and documents of every kind and to inspect the physical properties of the SFPA for a purpose reasonably related to such person’s interests as an officer.

Section 3. Annual Report. The incoming and outgoing presidents shall collaborate in producing, with the aid of the secretary, an annual report to be sent to the officers by the first officers meeting of the new school year. That report shall contain the following information, in appropriate detail, for the fiscal year:

1) The assets and liabilities, including the trust funds, if any, of this association as of the end of the fiscal year;

2) The principal changes in assets and liabilities, including trust funds, if any;

3) The revenue or receipts of this association, both unrestricted and restricted to particular purposes;

4) The expenses or disbursements of this association for both general and restricted purposes; 

5) A brief description of the SFPA activities undertaken that year.

Section 4. Annual Statements of Certain Transactions and Indemnifications. As part of the annual report to all officers this association shall annually prepare and mail or deliver to each officer a statement of any transaction or indemnification of the following kind within one hundred twenty (120) days after the end of this association’s fiscal year: any transaction (a) in which involved more than one thousand dollars ($1,000), or was one of a number of transactions with the same interested person involving, in the aggregate, more than one thousand dollars ($1,000). The statement shall include a brief description of the transaction and justification for transaction.


Upon the dissolution of this association, its assets remaining after payment or provision for payment, of all debts and liabilities of this association shall be distributed to Saint Francis Central Coast Catholic High School.  


These bylaws shall only be adopted, amended or repealed by (1) a majority of the association’s officers present and voting at a duly held meeting or by unanimous written consent; and (2) by written approval of the school president. A period of at least one week must pass between the time of the proposal of an amendment and its approval. Appendices dealing with practical SFPA matters and processes are attached to these bylaws, and changes thereto require only the approval of the executive officers and of the moderator. 


These bylaws of the St. Francis Parent Association have been approved by the president of St. Francis Central Coast Catholic High School and by the officers of the St. Francis Parents Association.

Roy Avila, SFPA President,

Keith B. Mathews, School President


Projection of Net Cash Available for Distribution to the School

Each year on or before August 31, the executive officers shall present to the moderator a projection of cash available for distribution to the school for the upcoming school year. The fiscal year of this organization shall be from July 1 through June 30. Such projection shall include, at the least:

  1. projected income listed by specified fundraisers, 
  2. income expected from other sources
  3. projected expenses including, but not limited to, SFPA overhead (office supplies, refreshments, postage, etc.), commitment to funding of school activities and programs, other regular expenses.
  4. an accounting of SFPA assets and liabilities. 
  5. projected net cash available for distribution to the school in the following September.

The moderator shall give final approval to the budget or, at his/her discretion, may request re-drafting and revision of the projection within a specified time frame.

Budget Planning for Event Chairs

Event chairs will submit estimated budgets to the Executive Board for approval in writing before any disbursement of funds are to be made for the event.

Procedures for Requesting Disbursement of Funds

  1. Any member requesting disbursement of funds over $250 (or $250 in aggregate) must first put the proposal in writing and present it to the executive officers. Such a proposal should include at least a rationale for the expense, income and expense projections, contact information, and other information as requested by the executive officers. The written proposal may be presented to the executive officers in person, by representative, or by delivery no later than two weeks before the expense is to be incurred.
  2. The executive officers should respond to the request within one week. The executive officers may request additional information or an interview with the requesting party, before giving final approval.
  3. Requests for expenditures over $250 must also receive the approval of the SFPA moderator.
  4. Individual requests under $250 may be approved by the SFPA president or event chair. If a total of expenditures requested by one person or for one activity exceeds $250, then #1 above applies.
  5. Requests for reimbursement may be submitted to the SFPA treasurer within 30 days of the expenditure.
  6. Event chairpersons can spend funds within the limits set by the executive officers when the event is commissioned.

Requests for Check

1. Buyer completes Request for Check form from school office and leaves it for the SFPA treasurer at the school office. Unless a request for advance funds, a receipt is attached.

2. After approving the request, SFPA treasurer gives approved documentation to the school bookkeeper for payment and records it in the school’s account as an SFPA line item. The treasurer records the transaction into the SFPA accounting software (Should the treasurer be unsure of the approval, s/he will consult with the SFPA president. However, previously unauthorized requests for amounts of $250 and above shall be referred to the president who will confer with the moderator.)

3. The school bookkeeper makes check available to be picked up at office, mailed or sent home with student.

8. SFPA-generated invoices that are received at the school should be forwarded first to the SFPA treasurer who approves the purchase and authorizes payment by the school bookkeeper. 

Concerning the receipt of SFPA income

1. In order to ensure that all gifts are properly acknowledged, all contributions of any funds or goods or services should be accompanied by a copy of the “Contribution Routing Form” and be routed per the process noted on the form. It is important that all income is carefully documented and posted accordingly into the SFPA school account (e.g. festival, purchase of refreshments, etc.).

2. On a monthly basis, the school bookkeeper will provide an “Account Quick Report” to the treasurer who will post the data into the SFPA accounting software. Thus, the SFPA treasurer will also have an accurate record of all income.

Any time the treasurer is handling and tabulating cash, at least one other person (who would be deemed not to have a conflict of interest) must be present.