Student Life Home

“It is not enough to love the children, it is necessary that they are aware they are loved.” -St. John Bosco

Welcome to Student Life
Don Bosco saw the original purpose of his mission clearly: to reveal to the young people the love God has for them. We build our campus life around this theme through the implementation of the Oratory Model.

The Oratory is a place, an attitude and a method.
  • it is a home where young people can feel welcome, safe and peaceful
  • it is a school where life skills are learned
  • it is a church, a place of prayer and spiritual development
  • it is a playground where fun and joy celebrate life
Battle for the Paddle
Battle for the Paddle is an annual class spirit competition held in March. Classes battle in a night filled with dances, artwork, competitive games, and tons of school spirit! Battle for the Paddle welcomes parents and friends to a celebration of community through healthy competition. Students spend months preparing with their classmates for this event, which has been held since March 2011.