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Campus Ministry

The Campus Ministry program at St. Francis High School ministers to the entire school community: students, teachers, staff, alumni, and families. Together with the entire Church, it works to teach Jesus' message, build Jesus' community, and serve others as Jesus did. This is accomplished through the unique Salesian spirituality espoused by our patron St. John Bosco.

St. Francis is open to students of all faiths and creeds and is a religious school founded on the belief that happiness in this life depends on love of and service to God and neighbor.

St. Francis teaches the Catholic Christian way of life, which recognizes that people are

created by God and, through the merits and teachings of Jesus Christ, are destined to return

to God.


What is important in our approach to faith?

An understanding of the proper use of time and talents


A recognition that people are endowed with intelligence, free will, and conscience to guide them in fulfillment of the moral law

An awareness that each person is responsible for his or her conduct

The idea that as a religious and social being each person has obligations to Church and society

The belief that education, to be complete, must prepare the student for his eternal happiness and for a useful career in society


It is to this end that the following religious programs and practices are offered to the St. Francis student. The Coordinator of Youth Ministry (CYM) directs the religious formation program of the school. In matters of faith and morals, the Bishop of the Diocese of Monterey is preeminent.

Academic Study:


Students are required to take a Theology course each semester at St. Francis. These courses seek to go beyond the acquisition of religious facts to an understanding of the Christian faith as it is expressed in action and experience.


Prayer and Worship: The St. Francis community comes together to celebrate all-school liturgies each month, enabling Catholic students to receive the sacraments regularly. Students who are not practicing Catholics are expected to attend all liturgical events but are not required to participate past their level of comfort.


The Sacrament of Reconciliation is offered to the school community during Triduum and Lent.  However, a student may schedule confession with our campus priest any time during the year



During the school year, each student will be given the opportunity to participate in a grade-level retreat as another important part of the school's religious education program. See the separate tab on Retreats to learn more.



Every Monday, the school community joins together for morning prayer known as our Salesian Good Morning.  This is a prayer, which acknowledges God's presence and offers a challenge to the community on how to be Christ-like to others. Every Friday as a community we come together to pray three Hail Mary’s.  This purpose is "to honor the spotless Virginity of Mary and to preserve a perfect purity of mind, heart and body in the midst of the dangers of the world".  Additionally, all classes throughout the day begin with a short prayer.