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Purpose of Department
  • Facilitate students attaining maximum personal and intellectual growth by identifying their interests and strengths;
  • Support students in effectively handling personal and academic problems;
  • Challenge students to make realistic evaluations of their personal strengths, interests, and goals;
  • Mentor students in making the best college and career choices according to their individual needs, skills, abilities and interests.
Academic and Personal Counseling Services provide:
  • Student/parent conferences to assist students in good decision making process;
  • Individual or group counseling to discuss problems of a personal nature;
  • Individual meetings to assist successfully transition from grade school to high school and beyond;
  • Resources for parents with questions concerning adolescent development;
  • Academic follow-up for grade performance via Ren Web (data-input) program;
  • Study skills, organization, time management, testing skills review with students;
  • Referral of students to available community services;
  • Tutorial service recommendations;
  • Grief and Loss counseling services;
  • Summer school recommendations;
  • Needs based assistance to students with physical, emotional, and learning disabilities/issues;
  • Schedule planning assistance for graduation and for further education.
College Counseling Services
  • Assist students to develop written Senior Profile;
  • Provide "College Application Night" program for CSU, UC, and private college systems;
  • Review graduation requirements for students and parents
  • Disseminate ACT, SAT, SAT Subject, & AP exam information;
  • Provide AP Exam orientation & testing in May
  • College Application assistance in small group settings and individually;
  • Introduce and facilitate use of College and Career planning tools; Naviance, College Board, CSUMentor, and other search engines and resources
  • Provide Financial Aid Information Night for parents and students;
  • Disseminate college scholarship information and assistance;
  • Provide Orientation to PSAT/NMSQT and SAT/ACT exams;
  • Manage and Administrate PSAT/NMSQT exam;
  • Assist students and parents in course selection guidance for graduation and college planning;
  • Provide College and Career planning assistance;
  • Hold Individual meeting with each junior and parent(s) for college preparation planning;
  • Provide College Search Information Night program for students and parents;
  • Provide Interpretation of Standardized testing results and resources for improvement.
  • Provide Introduction to standardized testing and preparation;
  • Hold Group Orientation to PSAT/NMSQT; group work for pre-test preparation;
  • Administer and manage of PSAT test;
  • Provide guidance via group work on the “Quick-Start” program post test;
  • Provide  Course Selection guidance for graduation and college;
  • Assist in College and Career planning, individually with parents and in group work;
  • Hold Financial Aid 101 Parent Night Program.
Services include:
Introduction to school Counseling Services, small/large group;

  • Individual and small group guidance for course work in preparation for college and career planning;
  • Classroom visits for Drugs and Alcohol Awareness & an Anti- Bullying program;
  • Initial Review of college requirements via classroom visits.
  • LD initial intake, assessment of SF ability to meet established student needs and follow-through with the individual student each year.