Associated Student Body (ASB)

ASB (Associated Student Body) involves Executive Board, Student Council, Campus Ministry, Christian Service, and Varsity Council.

The Director of Activities, Coordinator of Youth Ministry, and Moderators provide training and guidance, and coordinate this Salesian working structure of more than 40 students.

The ASB students organize and coordinate more than 50 activities and events each year. The faculty and administration know that students are the heart of the school community and therefore encourage student input and feedback at every opportunity.
Associated Student Body 2018-2019
ASB Executive Board
ASB Secretary
Gannon Janisch
  ASB President
Edward John Kelly
ASB Vice President
Maia Madrigal-Hernandez
  ASB Secretary
Claire Cagnacci
Christian Service
Student Council
Campus Ministry
Varsity Council
Domenic Cordova   Edward John Kelly (P) Angelika Castro   Claire Cagnacci
Riley Croghan   Vincent Wolfe (VP) Monica Colin   Aaron Fernandez Fernandez
Emily Garcia   Janessa Yniguez (S) Patrick McCarthy   Ana Gutierrez
Gannon Janisch   Givonni Garcia (P) Emma Haro   Ella Hernandez
Maureen Kelly   Ebony Held (VP) Kalanie Hernandez   Paul Kane
Reina Martinez   Grace Middelton (S) Madeleine Kehoe   Joseph Ramirez
Julian Mendoza   Taylor Guel (P) Maia Madrigal-Hernández   Jesse Robinett
Valerie Moles   Emma Fitzpatrick (VP) Raquel Moreno   Aaron Soto
Margaret O'Rourke   Marisa Vasquez (S) Mathieu Morin   Kathleen Tripp
    Austin Kohlstadt (P) Lawson Orradre    
    Manuel Madrigal-Hernandez (VP) Ashley Raich    
    Carime Reyes (S) Matthew Randolph    
      Darlene Toscano-Rodriguez    
      Emily Wells    
Mr. Crogan (Moderator)   Mr. Castaneda (Moderator) Mrs. McLeod (Moderator)   Mr. Valdivia (Moderator)