Battle for the Paddle

Battle for the Paddle X
Friday, May 21st, 2021 at 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm
St. Francis High School 
2400 E Lake Ave, Watsonville, CA 95076
Football Field 
Tentative Order of Events
6:30 PM Doors open food available for purchase
7-8 PM Community Social
8-9 PM Battle for the Paddle: Screening & Awards Ceremony
9-11 PM Community Night: Complimentary Movie 
Ticket Information
Tickets will be sold in the main office beginning tomorrow Monday, May 17th for $20 each. Each student has two tickets reserved and needs to purchase them by Tuesday, May 18th of this week. Many of you took advantage of the opportunity offered during the registration period to pre-purchase your tickets by having the charges added to your FACTS tuition account. You can verify if you did this by reviewing the charges on your FACTS account or by checking with the main office. Families can purchase up to two additional tickets before the sale of tickets opens to the general population.
Beginning Wednesday, May 19th any unclaimed tickets will be open for sale to the general population. There will be a ticket purchase limit of 6 tickets per family.

Why is this important, and why are we doing this?
Battle for the Paddle was introduced in 2009-2010 as an all-school class competition. The program is designed to enable students to come together and build class community.

We have identified this as a critical community-building event that was skipped last year due to COVID-19. Besides class community, it is a way for our St. Francis community of current, alumni, and incoming students to see and feel our Salesian Spirit come to life. It is also a vital school tradition that distinguishes St. Francis from other schools. In the student surveys sent out this year, this specific event was something the students indicated wanting to do, with the proper time and support to pull off successfully. This outdoor event will strictly comply with all county COVID-19 guidelines.

While Battle for the Paddle will look very different this year, use this link to get an idea of what B4P has looked like in previous years:  St. Francis B4P 2014

Battle for the Paddle 2021
  • The event will be Friday, May 21, 2021, and will be a combination of Marian Day/B4P
  • Day of May 21st will begin with Homeroom/Faith Family; socially distanced mass with masks on; class meetings; lunch provided by ASB for the students and staff; outdoor updated/modified B4P games competition;  scores will be tallied
  • Night of May 21st will include outdoor movie type event where the entire community can bring their chair to  come and watch the prerecorded artwork and dances; judges will view and score dances and artwork that night; scores from the game competition and events that night will be tallied together and Mr. Pat Lee will announce the winner.
  • Modifications this year:
    • 6 minute socially distanced dancing instead of a 10-minute dance
    • No touching or shared acrobatics
    • Masks worn during the dances
    • Modified games to allow for safety protocol adherence
    • No Sunday practices; all meetings and practices will take place on campus during our regular school day C periods
    • Moderators can have a limited role in the class dance performance
Class Moderators
Members of the staff assist each class in their preparation. Moderators are responsible for being present at all meetings held on campus, including those that occur outside of school hours. Moderators serve as liaisons between students and the Director of Activities, helping to keep students on track and informed of important due dates and requirements. 

This year’s class moderators are:
Class of 2021: Mr. Adam Hazel and Ms. Britney Hill
Class of 2022: Mr. John Ausman and Ms. Alexis Meschi
Class of 2023: Mr. Keith Ducker and Ms. Haydee Lemus
Class of 2024: Mr. Dan Dewig and Ms. Nicole Dewig

Ms. Heidi Alonzo will be the Art Director for all 4-grade levels since the work will be digital this year.

Battle for the Paddle Time Commitment
School time commitment during C periods as follows:
March 12, March 19, March 23, April 16, April 27, April 30, May 4, May 7, May 14, May 18

Professional Recording Times
Sunday, May 16 (recording of dance performance if needed)

Student Council tasks
  • Select a theme
  • Determine if your class has a competent student videographer or not. If not, notify Mr. Anthony Castaneda so he can book one for you
  • A 6-minute dance/theatrical performance (+/- 30 seconds) representative of the theme with at least 50% of class participation (in lieu of the traditional 10-minute dance)
  • Dances will require social distancing
  • Masks will be required; students are encouraged to be creative with mask designs.
  • Artwork will be digital using ProCreate software using a 16:9 video aspect; artwork will be inserted at the start and end of each class’ 6-minute video
  • On Friday, May 21, we will have an outdoor B4P Rally where the modified games will occur.
    No parents or outside attendees will be admitted (Not even alumni)
  • The evening of Friday, May 21, we host a B4P outdoor event to show all of the grades’ dances and artwork; the dances and the artwork will be scored that night, and these scores will be tallied with the points earned during the rally games for the winner to be announced
Faculty and Staff tasks 
  • All faculty will assist with all C-period supervision, even if they are not a class moderator since it will take place during the academic school day
  • All faculty and staff will assist with the daytime Rally games and the evening Drive-In Faculty

Frequently Asked Questions


Will there be other activities occurring prior to Battle for the Paddle?
Yes, beginning at 7:00 pm, pre-B4P activities will include music and a Food Trucks.
Food truck options will include:

    • Tri-tip sandwiches $10
    • Baked potatoes $9
    • Corn on the cob $3
    • Mexican Churros  1- $1.25, 5 for $5, 11 for $10, 17 for $15    
    • Aguas Frescas TBD

Please note most of the vendors will take CASH ONLY.


Where can I purchase a class T-Shirt?
Class T-Shirts can be purchased in the Main Office and can be picked up from Ms. Shannon McLeod. Proceeds from the t-shirt sales will benefit the St. Francis Campus Ministry Program, limited quantities available


Will there be a parking fee?
No, parking will be free of charge and available on a first come, first serve basis.


Will parents be able to earn service hours for setting up for the event and cleaning up after the event?
Yes. A limited number of parents will be able to earn DOUBLE service hours for setup or cleanup. Please use this link to sign up.