Salesian Spirituality

Our Story, Our Tradition, Our Spirit
At the heart of who we are as a Salesian-educating community, in St. Francis High School lies a triumvirate of story, tradition, and spirit. Seen together, these three elements describe our identity as ‘Salesian.’ Who we are is embedded in our story. What we do is an intrinsic part of the nature of our tradition. How we are for each other and the world in which we find ourselves is recognizable by the spirit which is shared among us. Our mission in the world -- to bring the good news to those who are in need, especially our young people -- is educational in intent and purpose. We strive to form the honest citizens and faith-filled and fully human women and men of the future, with the love and energy of Jesus Christ who is come to bring the “fullness of life” to all.
Our story is one which began in the city of Turin, Italy over 150 years ago. It concerns an educator imbibed with a passion for the good of all young people, gifted with a vision to bring about change in the way the young are educated and utterly responsive to the call of God in his life. Don Bosco shaped an educational project around a deep belief in the good of the young person and in the fact that once accessed, that good could be nurtured and brought to fruition. This story continues in who we are today; educators who believe in the young, focus on their good and do everything in our power to enable them to experience they are loved, so that in turn they may love others.
Our tradition has us carry out this educational mission of love in a specific way. We educate in order to impact the young person holistically. Believing that the young learn best through experience, we encourage the creation of four interconnected experiences in our school. We intentionally create in St. Francis High School a home in which students experience a strong sense of belonging and welcoming; a school that enables them to learn the lessons of life; a church where the young are challenged in the of name and with the spirit of the gospel of Jesus to seek meaning and purpose in their lives; and a playground where they can interact and interrelate in a friendly and meaningful way to one another. This is what we do, and when we do this well, the result is a climate in which all, adults and young people alike, are present to each other in a truly loving and respectful manner, open and accepting of our differences in a family like atmosphere.
Our spirit is lived with and for one another in a highly relational manner. This Salesian spirit is lived out by members of the community in the reasonableness of dialogue. All are listened to, and those who experience themselves as voiceless are encouraged to make a contribution. The Salesian spirit is practiced in the celebration and support of a community of faith seeing God in the ‘other’ and intentionally striving to model the goodness of God for others. Salesian spirit is, above all, about the gentleness and acceptance of a loving heart. Summed up in the words “reason,” “religion,” and “loving kindness,” the heart of Salesian spirit seeks to create in a relational manner the experiences of home, school, church and playground that constitute our ‘system’ of education. Salesian spirituality is the way both students and faculty alike live the gospel of Jesus in and out of the classroom, in and through the events of each and every day.