Flexible Learning

Study Hall Periods
During the school day, students may have a Study Hall period.  During that Study Hall period, students will be expected to be in an area of the school that has been articulated and approved (i.e., the Learning Resource Center, etc.).

Tutorial Periods
Tutorial periods occur from 2:10-3:00pm on block 123 days and from 2:30-3:00pm on block 4567 days Monday through Thursday.  Students have the opportunity to go to a particular teacher’s classroom for assistance during this time. This daily access for individual attention enhances student learning.

All-School Study
There are scheduled All-School Study periods, where students are required to go to homeroom and check in.  After that, students are required to be in a teacher’s classroom to receive assistance, complete homework, etc. The expectation during the All-School Study is that students use the time to meet with teachers, makeup tests or quizzes, and prepare for their classes.