Flexible Learning

Study Hall Periods
During the school day, students may have a Study Hall period if the have 4 or more Honors/AP classes.  During that Study Hall period, students will be expected to be in an area of the school that has been articulated and approved (i.e., the Learning Resource Center, etc.). Students also completing an online course may be assigned a Study Hall to complete the course work.

Tutorial Periods
Tutorial periods occur from 2:10-3:00pm on block 5, 6, & 7 days and from 2:30-3:00pm on block 1, 2, 3, & 4 days Monday through Thursday.  Students have the opportunity to go to a particular teacher’s classroom for assistance during this time. This daily access for individual attention greatly enhances student learning.

All-School Study
There are monthly scheduled All-School Study periods, where students are required to go to homeroom and check in.  After that, students are required to be in a teacher’s classroom to receive assistance, complete homework, etc. The expectation during the All-School Study is that students use the time to meet with teachers, makeup tests or quizzes, and better prepare for their classes.

Response to Intervention (RTI)
Students in RTI are students who need extra help completing their assignments at a college prep level. Students will meet with the Coordinator in the Learning Resource Center daily during Tutorial Blocks. The student will either stay in the LRC to complete work or check him/herself out to meet directly with a subject specific teacher. Documentation is completed weekly on which teachers the student met with, what work has been completed, and what progress/challenges are occurring. The Parent is notified weekly of the student’s progress. The student, parent, RTI Coordinator, and Counselor meet to review the progress.

Accelerated Learning
Upon acceptance and registration into St. Francis, students may take challenge exams to either take higher-level classes or honors/AP classes. For example, students can challenge to take a Spanish II, Spanish II Honors, Spanish 3, Spanish 3 Honors, or AP Spanish Language. Students may do this in English, math, modern language, and science. Students may also take a full-year equivalent college class during the summer to take higher-level math, science, and language classes.