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VAPA Boosters

The St. Francis High School Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) Boosters club is an organization dedicated to promoting, growing and supporting arts education by advocating the critical role the arts play at St. Francis and in society."

Members of the VAPA Boosters attend regularly scheduled meetings, assist with fundraising activities, provide support for rehearsals and productions, and help showcase events.

The VAPA Boosters Chair will coordinate with the school Principal and Assistant Principal of Athletics & Activities any and all information about fundraising for programs/services in the areas of the performing arts, the soliciting of advertisement, and the printing of programs for events. The VAPA Booster Chair will coordinate staffing of the admissions table for all performances hosted by the school at which admission is charged, will arrange for and oversee the volunteers for the concession stands during shows, and will coordinate purchasing of supplies through volunteer effort. The VAPA Booster Chair will assist the VAPA Director in the hosting of a year-end VAPA banquet. The VAPA Booster Chair is a member of the executive board of the SFPA.