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Giving to St. Francis High School

Your gift to St. Francis High School - Salesian College Preparatory makes a difference to every student and teacher in our school. Gifts bridge the gap between tuition and the actual cost of a St. Francis education, allowing us to offer the highest quality program, at tuition levels that are affordable to more families and students. It takes a whole school community to bridge this gap.

Your participation is key. Each gift, no matter the size, makes a difference. That is why we ask you to make a gift donation to St. Francis High School - Salesian College Preparatory.

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Annual Fund
A gift to the Annual Fund will last a lifetime. Each and every year faithful parents, grandparents, staff, alumni, businesses, and friends of St. Francis High School - Salesian College Preparatory invest in the lives of our students through our Annual Fund knowing that they are tomorrow's global leaders.

The Annual Fund provides St. Francis with the essential dollars for program operations not covered by tuition. Each student's tuition covers approximately 82% of the actual cost to educate that student. This means that approximately $1,000 of each student's education is not being covered through tuition.

Why don't we just raise tuition rates to cover all costs of running the school? Our goal is to keep tuition affordable to allow more families the opportunity of a quality Catholic, Salesian wholistic education. The annual fund is critical to realizing this goal. It bridges the gap between what we charge and the actual cost of educating individual students, and it directly impacts each of our students and staff annually.

The economy is certainly challenging many of us from being as generous in our giving as we may like, but every gift - regardless of the size - makes a difference in the lives of our students - students who will graduate to be captains of industry, leaders in our global community, and champions of social justice.

Vision Campaign
St. Francis High School is an expression of the educational mission of the Salesians of St. John Bosco: we provide students with the foundations of life-long learning, logical and creative thinking skills, an awareness of issues of social justice and peace, and a tolerance and respect for others.

St. Francis High School ensures every student is eligible to attend a four-year college and possesses the resolve to be a good Christian and an honest global citizen.

St. Francis High School is embarking on a $6.5 million Capital Campaign to build two additional buildings and improve athletic fields to ensure continued growth and success of the school.

Building on our mission and vision, St. Francis remains a place where students can strive for excellence in academics, athletics, arts, service, and leadership. St. Francis High School is inviting school and community members to consider making a meaningful gift, one that is in addition to your annual fund support, to the VISION Capital Campaign. The construction is scheduled to start in the winter of 2019 and open the fall of 2019.

Gifts in Honor or Memory of your Loved One
We feel privileged that you have chosen to honor your loved one with a gift to SF.

If you would like your gift used in a specific area of the school, please make this indication in the "Note" area.

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