Graduation Requirements

In order to receive a diploma from St. Francis High School, a student must earn a minimum of 260 units, starting with Class of 2023, have a good record of citizenship and behavior, have participated in campus ministry activities each year of attendance (liturgies, retreats, services), and have maintained an active Christian Service Project each year of attendance. 

The comprehensive four-year program of study offered at St. Francis is designed so that a graduate will have fulfilled all the course requirements necessary for application to the University of California, as well as those of virtually every major university and college across the nation. Each student is encouraged to take as challenging a course load as he/she can handle so as to increase his/her likelihood of successful competition for college entrance. Students are urged to take a third year of a modern language, a third year of laboratory science, and/or a fourth year of mathematics.

In order to earn a diploma from St. Francis, a student must:

  • Earn a minimum of course units
    • The Class of 2023 and 2024, must be earn 260 credits
    • Class of 2022 must earn 250 credits
    • Class of 2021 must earn 240 credits
  • Have a good record of citizenship and behavior
  • Have participated in campus ministry activities each year of attendance
    • Students must attend the St. Francis grade level retreat each year.
    • Students unable to attend the scheduled grade level retreat will be required to fulfill the requirement with an outside retreat or comparable requirement
  • Have completed a minimum of 80 Christian Service hours.
    • Unless organized by St. Francis and/or announced otherwise, no hours served during an SF school day will count towards required Christian Service hours
  • Have earned the minimum number of required credits in each academic department
Required credits for each Academic Department
8 semesters of English 40 credits
8 semesters of Theology 40 credits
6 semesters of Social Studies 30 credits
6 semesters of Mathematics 30 credits (must include Geometry & Algebra II)
4 semesters of one Modern Language 20 credits
2 semesters of Life Science 10 credits (must include Biology)
2 semesters of Physical Science 10 credits
2 semesters of Physical Education/Health 10 credits
2 semesters of Visual and Performing Arts 10 credits (must be in same course)