Strategic Vision

Position Statement:
St. Francis High School is a community of faith that fosters excellence through the charism of St. John Bosco 

To ensure every student is prepared to attend a 4-year college and possesses the values of a good Christian and an honest global citizen

Strategic Objectives in the Next Step:

  1. (Value Proposition and Success) To continue on the trajectory of high academic success, strengthen teaching and learning for ALL students (data-driven/results-oriented) through a focus on 21st century skills (Critical thinking, creativity, communication, & collaboration), dynamic program offerings, differentiated instruction, appropriately interacting with technology, Project Lead the Way, and growing access and passing marks in Honors & AP [Standard 3, 4, & 6]
  2. (Enrollment) Growing the institution through a comprehensive Enrollment Management Plan, grow tuition assistance, support international student success, grow resident and international student population, and cultivate a healthy Salesian culture that welcomes all [Standard 8]
  3. (Budget & Donations) Sustaining the institution through community outreach and advancing the mission through partnerships. Re-engage donors and go into new frontiers for foundation/donor resources, launch online donations and event ticket sales, and launch a successful VISION CAMPAIGN for capital improvements [Standard 2, 7 & 9]
  4. (Internal & External Communications and Marketing) Promoting effective communications with all stakeholders—i.e. Enhance brand name and marketing materials, promotional video, expanded social media presence, 24-hour social media campaign, enhanced marketing materials for brand/market saturation, and a timely and relevant website with current info/images [Standard 1 & 2]

*The above Strategic objects make use of the National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools

Our founder, Don Bosco, calls us to educate with Reason, Religion and Loving Kindness; this is the groundwork from which our Integral Student Outcomes (ISOs) spring from and how we relate to one another. Therefore, growing and sustaining relationships are the only things that matter.  To succeed in our strategic objectives, we must relate to one another with a common vision and with respect. We must communicate effectively and celebrate our successes internally and externally

2017 - Salesian Worldwide Strenna & Schoolwide Theme: