Online Learning & Dual Enrollment


Students at St. Francis have the option of taking an online course during the school day. Below are the expectations relative to St. Francis students taking online courses:

  • St. Francis covers most of the online course costs, but students pay a nominal registration fee based on course length and type (college prep or AP). Fees are included in fall tuition statements.
  • Registration fees for dropped courses before the school year starts are refundable. Once the course begins, no refunds are provided.
  • Students attend the Learning Resource Center for online courses, following guidelines and respecting supervision by the Information Technology Director.
  • Timely completion of online lessons is expected, with progress monitored by the administration. Final exams align with St. Francis exam periods.
  • Online course grades appear on transcripts and contribute to the overall GPA.
  • The administration may adjust online course expectations as needed.


Dual Enrollment is an excellent option for students to prepare for college, reduce costs, and explore careers, enhancing their high school CTE pathway. It allows our St. Francis students to take free college courses, available in person or online at our local junior college campuses.

Why Choose Dual Enrollment?

  • Cost Savings: Take courses for free, up to a specified unit limit per semester.
  • Accelerated Degree: Earn college credits concurrently, fast-tracking your degree completion.
  • Exploration: Explore interests, careers, and majors while earning high school credits.
  • Transferability: Dual enrollment credits may transfer to other colleges or universities.
  • Early Exposure: Gain early exposure to college life, processes, and resources, fostering a seamless transition to higher education.