Online Learning

Students at St. Francis have the option of taking an online course during the school day. Below are the expectations relative to St. Francis students taking online courses:

• St. Francis pays the majority of the cost of each student’s online course. However, for each online course that a student takes, there is a nominal registration fee. The fees are based on the length of the course (one semester or two semesters) and if the course is a college prep or Advanced Placement (AP) course. Students will be notified of the registration fee(s) for their online course(s) and that amount will be included on the student’s tuition statement in the fall.

• If a student drops an online course prior to the start of the school year, the registration fee will be refunded. If a student wishes to drop an online course after the course has begun, the registration fee will not be refunded.

• Students will be scheduled into the Learning Resource Center during their online course. Attendance will be taken; students will be expected to follow the guidelines of the Learning Resource Center and to be respectful of the Information Technology Director, who will be supervising the Learning Resource Center.

• During a student’s online class, the student is expected to complete the lessons within the period that they are assigned. The administration will be monitoring student progress in the class and will be in conversation and consultation with the online class instructor regarding student progress and completion of assignments.

• Students must complete the online course in the prescribed time so as to take the final exam for the online course during the St. Francis final exam period.

• Grades for the student’s online course(s) will appear on the student’s transcript and will be included in the student’s overall GPA.

• The administration reserves the right to adjust the expectations for online courses as appropriate.