On April 5, 2000, St. Francis High School, located in the Diocese of Monterey, was incorporated as a private, not-for-profit California corporation.  The Bishop of the Diocese of Monterey and the Provincial of the Salesians of Don Bosco of the Western U.S. Province serve as permanent Members of the Corporation, along with two Members appointed by the Bishop and two Members appointed by the Provincial.  The school is administered by the President, who is appointed by the Members, and by the Principal, who is appointed by the President.  The Board of Directors serves as a body of limited governance, overseeing the development of policy and assisting the school with long-term planning and development.
Members of the Corporation
Ms. Kimberly Cheng, Superintendent of Catholic Schools, Diocese of Monterey
Mr. Clancy D’Angelo, Chief Finance Officer, Diocese of Monterey
Most Reverend Daniel Garcia, Bishop, Diocese of Monterey
Most Reverend Sylvester Ryan, Retired Bishop, Diocese of Monterey
Fr. Tho Bui, SDB, Economer, Western Province of Salesians of Don Bosco
Mr. Bill Goodman, Director of Education, Western Province of Salesians of Don Bosco
Fr. Mel Trinidad, SDB, Provincial, Western Province of Salesians of Don Bosco
Br. Al Vu, SDB, Coordinator of Education & Schools, Western Province of Salesians of Don Bosco
Board of Directors
Ms. Rose Barry Mr. Gerald Fischer Mr. Ed Moakler Ms. Pauline Shumake
Dr. Nancy Bilicich Ms. Pam Flynn Ms. Julie Paz Ms. Carmen Velasquez
Mr. Andrew DeVogelaere Mr. Jeffery Kane Mr. David Price  
Mr. Steven Dobler Mr. Ed Kelly Mr. Sam Puathasnanon  
Mr. Ernie Farley Mr. Jim Masner Mr. Tony Scurich  
Board service is one of the toughest volunteer roles of all, and the following emeritus Board of Directors performed their leadership roles with dedication and tenacity. Each distinguished himself/herself as a judicious steward of our Salesian college-prep high school and never flinched in the face of adversity. We are forever grateful to each for proving to be both wise and virtuous. God bless.
Board of Directors Emeritus
Mr. Doug Anderson Fr. Joseph Grimaldi Ms. Jill Mancini Ms. Barbara Smith
Ms. Rosemary Anderson Mr. Nick Guerrero Mr. Keith Mathews Mr. Leo St. John
Ms. Barbara Bird Mr. Tom House Mr. P.J. Mecozzi Ms. Mary Stagnaro
Mr. Tom Brezsny Mr. Vince Hurley Ms. Martina O'Sullivan Mr. David Sullivan
Ms. Peggy Caldwell Fr. John Itzaina, SDB Mr. Miles Reiter Ms. Brenda Tsuda
Ms. Sue Connors Mr. Dennis Kehoe Ms. Carol Saveria Mr. Peter Truman
Ms. Mariel Desrosier Mr. Todd Kinion Dr. Steven Scherr Mr. Sam Wright
Mr. Larry Donatoni Mr. Ron Kinninger Fr. Ron Shirley  
Fr. Patrick Dooling Mr. Andrew Kreeft Ms. Gail Shumate  
Mr. Lloyd Graff Sr. Teresa Ann Leahy Mr. Jon Sisk