Academic Pathways


Our Academic Pathways connect classroom learning with real-world applications in two major industry sectors: Biomedical Science and the Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA). Since 2001, we've empowered students to reach their fullest potential, enhancing our college preparatory curriculum.

Biomedical Pathway

Ideal for students excelling in math and natural sciences, this program focuses on biology and medicine. Rigorous coursework includes advanced math, health sciences, physical and chemical biology. Students gain clinical knowledge through hospital experiences, independent research, medical simulations, and guest presentations by professionals. This pathway prepares students for higher education and careers in medicine or related fields.



  • 9th Grade: Principles of Biomedical Science
  • 10th Grade: Human Body System
  • 11th Grade: Medical Interventions
  • 12th Grade: Biomedical Innovation
VAPA Pathway
Students in the St. Francis VAPA Pathway have been immersed in a discipline-based arts curriculum that has prepared them for an arts education and career at the collegiate level. They have either explored the visual arts, the performing arts, or a mixture of both curriculums.

Students earning recognition for their studies in the VAPA Pathway will earn a white stole to be worn at graduation. The current qualifications are met by taking 40 units of visual and/or performing arts classes earning a B- or better. Performing arts students must participate fully in all performances related to the courses taken, and visual arts students must take the highest rigor of courses offered and submit at least one AP portfolio to the College Board.
  • Courses:
    Grades 9-12: Drama
    Grades 9-12: Concert Band
    Grades 9-12: Choir
    Grades 9-12: Computer Graphics, Yearbook
    Grades 9-12: Visual Art 1
    Grades 10-12: Visual Art 2
    Grades 11-12: AP Studio Art and Design, with portfolio concentrations in 2D Design, Drawing, and 3D Design