Clubs and Organizations

Student clubs are a thriving part of St. Francis campus life and enable students to pursue their interests and build community with other students, faculty members, and the wider community. Clubs emerge in response to student interest, and as such, vary from year to year, though many clubs, such as Ecology, Pro-Life, Science, and Chess Clubs, have firmly established themselves over the years. Clubs have an expectation of choosing officers, meeting regularly with a faculty moderator, and planning lunch options that are offered during the year.
Club Chair Moderator
Acappella Club   Mr. Dewig
Bake Sale Club   Mr. Croghan
Chess Club   Mr. Doherty
Debate Club   Ms. Meschi
Ecology Club   Ms. Marheineke
Fast Club   Mr. Falcone
Film Club   Ms. McLeod
Friday Tech   Mr. Castaneda
Hands of Bosco   Ms. McLeod
International Liaison Club   Ms. Gray
Liturgical Club   Ms. McLeod
Math Club   Mr. Falcone
Mountain Bike Club   Mr. Ausman
3D Printing Club   Dr. Homesley
Pro-Life Club    
Sharkbyte Robotics Club   Mr. Castaneda
Sock Club   Mr. Castellon
Sports Medicine Club   Ms. Sutherland
Student Advocate Club   Ms. Meschi
Yearbook Club   Ms. Alonzo