Parking Lot Bingo

Bingo Players,
We will have our first Bingo at St. Francis HS. The game will take place outdoors and in our parking lot. It will also be our first return to Bingo since mid-March. We hope you are able to join us .... welcome back!
I hope this information helps you with most of your questions. If you have more questions, please bounce back with your request. Hope to see you on Saturday, August 8.
The packet price will be $65. You may buy more than one packet (e.g., 2X equals $130 and so on). A packet consists of one ticket each for 10 strip games, one 1199 game, and four warm-ups. The "ticket" for the 1199 game will be the Wonder Woman strip. Everyone will have a chance to win. We will give away more than $6,000 in prize money over the 15 games!
Masks will be required outside of your car. We are asking that players sit in their cars during the games. We will have a radio transmitter set-up so that you can hear inside your car and we will also have loudspeakers as well. You should bring a clipboard to daub on during Bingo.
If it is warm/hot and you become uncomfortable in your car, you may want to sit in front of your car. As a precaution, you should bring a lawn chair. We begin to play at 6 pm so we do not anticipate it being too warm. If you are outside your car, masks are required. Inside your car, you do not need to wear a mask unless you prefer to. The number of people in your car is up to you but we recommend no more than two people and those individuals should be from the same residence.
When you arrive we will direct you to your parking spot. We are alternating parking spots to provide more distance between players. We recommend arriving by 4 pm to ensure there is a spot in our parking lot for you. We will have a food truck on-site and two portable bathrooms with wash stations. One of the portables will be handicap accessible.
Welcome! Thank you!
SF Bingo
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