St. Francis High School is Moving Forward

August 4, 2020

Dear St. Francis Families, Employees and Friends,                                                                                         

With this video we hope to clearly communicate our reopening plan. We originally planned, and is still committed to, live in-person learning. County Public Health and the County Superintendent had reviewed our plan. We were ready to go live this August 13 for all learning; however, as soon as Santa Cruz County went on the watch list the Governor has the authority to shut all public and private schools down to in-person learning.

Therefore, we will start the year in our very successful distance-learning schedule from last quarter. It is not ideal, but it is what we must do at this time. I am still part of the county’s reopening schools committees and I am now OSHA certified for reopening schools, so once Santa Cruz County is off the watch list we are ready to pivot and open to live in-person learning. Unlike our public school friends around us, we can seamlessly transition from distance to live to hybrid right away to best meet our students’ needs.

In this short video, I also want to share with you that we can safely welcome each student/family to St. Francis on Thursday, August 13, 2020.

Because of our size and strictly adhering to the above-mentioned guidelines, we can safely schedule families for the option to come to campus to:

A. Secure iPads (New students)
B. Collect yearbooks (Returning students)
C. Pick up class syllabi (All students)
D. Check out any necessary arts or science lab supplies (All students)
E. Safely meet their teachers (All students)

This will allow for a much needed connection between your child and his/her teachers. By safely providing for this option our students and teachers get an opportunity to start building relationships that are critical to trust and learning, whether in a live in-person classroom or through a hybrid or full distance learning model.

August 13, 2020 Schedule:

  • 2-3 PM Students: Abonce – Garcia
  • 3-4 PM Students: Garibay – Martinez
  • 4-5 PM Students: McDaniel – Remmick
  • 5-6 PM Students: Renteria - Zavala

Students will drive on campus and each family member will wear a mask. All faculty and staff will wear a mask and practice social distancing. Students will safely greet their teachers and pick up their supplies. Students will then depart in preparation for their first day of distance learning school on Friday, August 14, 2020.

August 14, 2020 will a day where all 7 periods will meet online for short introductions and a review of expectations as well as support. This will be the first day that attendance will be taken.

As a reminder, St. Francis High School is a community of faith that fosters excellence through the spirit of St. John Bosco. It is our schoolwide vision to ensure every student is prepared to attend a 4-year college and possesses the values of a good Christian and an honest global citizen. This is our commitment to you.

Please complete this survey after reviewing the reopening plan to list your questions about school. We will collect all of them and create a FAQ response document that addresses them. Once compiled, we will share it and our responses with all of you.

2020-2021 Schoolwide Theme:



Our 2020-2021 Strategic Priorities:

  • Student, parent and staff well-being
  • Student achievement
  • Student and staff retention

In conclusion, St. Francis High School is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our students, parents, staff, and local communities, while providing the highest quality and most engaging instruction. We will start using our very successful distance learning model, but our commitment is to transition to in-person learning as soon as the Governor allows us as a result of coming off the watch list. We Are Stronger Together…and Together Matters! 

Yours in Christ,

Mr. Patrick Lee

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