Allstate Foundation Grant


St. Francis High School has partnered with the Allstate Foundation to support safe teen driving. The school was chosen to represent the issue, bring awareness to the issue, and identify student leaders to mitigate the issue. This year senior students, Sabrina Bargetto, Hailey Robinette, Austin Nethercutt, and Toni Vargas have all committed to bringing the concerns for safe teen driving to light.

#GetThereSafe Campaign

#GetThereSafe is a teen-led program designed to educate and engage teens around smart driving. It kicks off this fall with approximately 30 selected high schools throughout the state raising a #GetThereSafe flag to show solidarity around this important issue. During the week of Nov. 11, each school will invite students to raise the flag and encourage the whole school to be present to show their support. We did this Friday, November 9th with the entire school and a representative from the Allstate Foundation.  

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