Dear St. Francis Families,

Final exams will be occurring December 16th through December 18th.  Please reference the schedule listed on the school website and posted on campus for specific dates, times, and locations of exams.  Here are some reminders regarding attendance, dress code, and the schedule:

  • All students must be in regular daily uniform during final examinations.  Students not in uniform are subject to referral to the Assistant Principal of Student Affairs for disciplinary action.
  • The first exam begins at 8:25 a.m.  Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each exam.
  • Students must arrive to their designated classroom on time. Students who are late to an exam are marked as tardy, are not guaranteed additional time to complete that exam, and are subject to referral to the Assistant Principal of Student Affairs for disciplinary action.
  • If a student does not have a final exam during a designated examination date and time, that student is not required to be on campus.  However, once a student arrives on campus, he or she may not leave campus.  Students must remain on campus until their last exam for the day is finished.
  • If a student is on campus, but not taking a final exam, the student must remain in the LRC for the duration of the exam time.  Students may not wander the campus, congregate near the lockers, be in the BAC unsupervised, or engage in other activities that would distract those students that are taking exams.  Students in the LRC must remain silent so as not to disturb other students taking exams.
  • Students may not leave an exam room until the designated final exam time is over.  It is recommended that students bring study materials in case they finish their exam before the end of the period. Students should utilize the restrooms during the breaks before and between exams.

Best of luck to all of our students on their final exams!  Please encourage students to get a good night’s sleep and to eat a healthy breakfast before their exams.  

You can view and print off a copy of the exam schedule here LINK

If you have any questions regarding the exam schedule or the points listed above, please contact Assistant Principal of Academics, David Cmaylo at (831) 724-5933 x203, or Assistant Principal of Student Affairs, Art Walker at (831) 724-5933 x202

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