SAT Prep

For all students who intend on applying to a four year university, this SAT prep course is an essential tool to raise scores and understanding on this required test. 

The SAT course for St. Francis will consist of classes run in four week sessions. Students will meet from 3:30-7:30pm Tuesdays and Thursdays, with extra material being sent home to be studied each week. Students will take one full Mock exam each week and will be given a six page diagnostic score report and essay comments after each exam. There will also be interactive class time where instructors will cover all concepts and material that will appear on the SAT test, and will also cover tips and test taking strategies specific to this test. Course cost is $395 and includes all materials. 

This course is guaranteed to raise your scores and give you a great foundation in the concepts and strategies necessary to succeed on this incredibly important test. Call Academic Aptos Tutoring Center at 687-0707 or email or text Kona at 588-5448 for more information or to reserve a spot in the classes.

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