The Ecology Club and Ocean Guardians welcome you to Zero Waste Week

This week the Ecology club asks that you be mindful of the plastic and paper waste that is attributed to our packaged consumption.

Please attempt to bring your lunch in reusable containers. Here are some of the specifics of the event:

1. All the garbage cans on campus will either be removed from site or turned up side down. We are asking that each of us pack home any trash, more importantly attempt to not bring items that have waste.

2. All recycling bins will be available. If you have waste, please recycle.

3. For the lunch trucks, only one trashcan will be made available. Students and staff that eat from the lunch truck will be advised to deposit trash in this location.

4. On Monday April 13 during the very end of 3rd period, the Ecology club will be handing out reusable water bottles (w/ info sheets inside). The H20 bottles are an important part of Zero Waste Week.

5. The shaving requirements will be disregarded during Zero Waste Week. Shaving can be a waste of water. All students who participate in Zero Waste Week will not be asked to shave.

6. On Friday April 17th during Collaboration the Ecology Club will present the results of Zero Waste Week and will introduce a community member named Steve Reed. He is the director of the North Coast Federal Designation. He will share with us the process of protecting this land. (link: & youtube: )

7. @Principal_SF and @MisterBare twitter feeds will be giving updates and sending info concerning Zero Waste Week. Please encourage the community to check our Twitter feeds for important info.

The Ecology Club is excited about this event. We understand that it will be an inconvenience. But that is the point! We should all recognize our waste footprint and adjust our behavior to minimize that footprint.
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