Freshmen Summer Bridge Program

• Algebra Review students may take the Geometry Readiness test at the end of the 2 weeks to try and qualify for Geometry in the 9th grade. For Algebra 1 students it is a good review of important skills.

• HS Writing & Study Skills students will learn HS study skills to excel in the block schedule; students will also learn the key components to quality HS writing.

• School of Rock Music/Band Camp students will improve their performance skills in one or more instruments.

• Both male and female students in Strength & Conditioning will focus on proper training techniques to improve performance and reduce injuries. The focus will be on high school appropriate core and 

Olympic lifts, as well as speed and plyometric training. 

Registration begins May 1st. The deadline for registration is June 30th. Tuition includes a non-
refundable $30 processing fee.

Fees: Incoming Freshman Algebra Review course $200 
Incoming Freshman High School Writing & Study Skills course $200
Incoming Freshmen Co-Ed Strength & Conditioning $150
Incoming Freshmen Music/Band Camp – School of Rock $200 

Dates: All classes run July 20th – July 31st
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