The St. Francis Ecology Club is hosting a video contest!



We have joined with the Save the Earth Foundation to host this contest. Here are the guidelines:


First, download a free e-book, Emotion for the Oceans. The book can be found at Scroll to the bottom of the homepage and you can see the book: Emotion for the Oceans. Click on the cover and it will give you instructions for a free download.

Next, read the book, Emotions for the Oceans.

After reading the book, create a movie that is no longer than five minutes that addresses what from the book was inspirational. Students can talk about how they want to make a difference, how they are going to get involved, or what they liked most about the book and how it relates to their lives.

This is a creative and fun project. Go to interesting locations, use unique effects, and involve friends and families.

Each student should make sure to identify him/herself at some point in the video by his/her name and grade level.

Some of the videos may be shared online, so students should submit videos that they are comfortable with other people seeing.


The videos are due by December 1st to Mr. Bare. He has blank CDs for each student to put their video on--the disks will be sent to the Foundation and judged by a panel of professionals. There will be a 1st and 2nd place winner from each grade. 1st place receives a $400 savings bond and 2nd place receives a $100 savings bond.


This is not only a great opportunity for the students, but also a good opportunity to spread the word about Emotions for the Oceans and the environmental issues it raises. We hope that this project inspires students to create change, because everyone can make a difference, no matter how big or small the contribution.

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