Notes from the Counseling Department - April


Notes from the Counseling Department

Seniors and Juniors:  AP exams are ordered and will arrive in time for the first week of May test dates.  There will be a pre-administration meeting to complete data pages that must be done before any exam can be taken.  The juniors are scheduled for Wednesday, April 27th, during the “C” period (All School Study) and the seniors are scheduled for Thursday, April 28th, immediately after school.  These are mandatory meetings. Students who cannot make one or the other should talk with Ms Green ASAP.  

Seniors:  Be sure to:

  • Complete your FAFSA information
  • Choose your college
  • Send in housing deposit
  • Complete any last minute forms
  • Take placement exams
  • Complete scholarship applications

“Running Start” at Cabrillo: Seniors planning to attend Cabrillo College in the fall should be registered for the “Running Start” program.  If you have not yet registered with Mrs. Green, check in ASAP in order to do so.  The placement exam will be given at Cabrillo College or the Watsonville site--see the Cabrillo College website for dates.  Students already registered for the program should have received information from the counselor about the assessment and the follow-up program.  “Running Start” enables St. Francis students to register early for classes, thus increasing the likelihood that they will receive their first-choice course selections. Due to state funding issues, classes are limited and will fill early again this year.

Seniors accepted to a four year college must keep their GPA as high as possible.  All college acceptances are conditional.  This means that your acceptance can be revoked if you do not perform at the same or higher standards upon which you were originally accepted.

Juniors: There are big changes related to filing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form. This is the most important financial aid form that college- bound students need to complete next year.  See the email message sent April 4th for more information or go to:


All Students: Please continue working to maintain and/or improve grades.  Students who have received a “D” or “F” in any core courses for any semester grade should/must repeat those courses in summer school. “Core” courses include English, modern language, math, social studies, and science classes. Please keep in mind that although a “D” is a “passing” grade for St. Francis graduation, it is not college recommending and, in the case of UC and CSU, does not qualify as a passing grade in the course.

Summer School: If your student needs to make up a course during the summer, he or she should contact Mr. Cmaylo before enrolling in the course.  Courses not pre-approved by Mr. Cmaylo may not count for St. Francis credit.  Summer school programs can be taken through BYU e-learn high school program, at local public and private high schools, or at community college (although community college courses are not recommended for 9 or 10th grade students).  Please contact Mrs. Green for more information.

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