Zero Waste Week has arrived - see the list of events.


Monday 18- 4567

-Save the Earth Sticker search, tweet #sharkzww for prizes

-Plastic bottle game #bottleshark, those caught using plastic H20 in tweeted pics will be given reusable H20 bottle

-Announcement of # of bottles saved from hydration systems 

-Missing garbage bins, pack your trash or use reusable containers. 


Viewing, in Mr. Bare's room, student produced Save the Earth contest videos


Tuesday 19- 32C1

Assembly by the lake

-Successes of Hydration System

-Statistics of recycle bins- Nathaniel

-Speaker Jackie Nunez from Last Plastic Straw (website: )

-Speaker Dan Haifley of O’Neill Sea Odyssey (website: )

-Neal Pargman from Save the Earth announces winners of Save the Earth Video contest

& Save the Earth Award for World Leader statue unveiling ( )

-Announcement of Zero Energy Day for Wednesday


Wednesday 20- 7654


No lights, not computers/ipads, only learning! Wifi will be disabled 

Thursday 21- 123C



Lunch time activities

"Soft Opening" of Hydration Systems w/ signs

Sandbar Solar emergency panel trailer and solar RC racetrack

Hand out Sandbar Solar offer


Friday 22 Earth Day- 4567


Lunchtime activities-

Prizes give away by the lake (must be present to win!)


Post ZWW data & analysis

Recycling for ZWW

Owl/bat box creation before summer

ZWW follow up

Grant writing for 2016-17 (Year three)


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