From the Dean of Student's and Director of Student Activities

Dear St. Francis Community,

May is here and I would like to thank St. Francis parents and friends for helping our staff provide a meaningful and enjoyable learning experience for all of our students. April was tremendous--kicking things off with a purposeful and exciting VITA and concluding with memorable Junior-Senior Prom at the Santa Cruz Museum of Modern Art and History.


Student Activities

As mentioned above, April 9, marked the final VITA of the year. It was great to see many of our freshmen there. Our freshmen enjoyed a long, long game of capture the flag, a movie, and a competitive game of dodgeball. As always, I would like to thank all members of Animas for all their leadership during this event. Our Animators have taken the joy and excitement of our events and activities to a new level!


The 2015-2016 Junior-Senior Prom was on April 23, and it could not have been more amazing. Thank you to all the parents, chaperones, and students who helped with the planning of this beautiful event. I would like to extend a special thank you to Mrs. Marisela Torres, Mrs. Teresa Muños, Mrs. Marla Colendich, and Mrs. Letty Mejia for taking the lead in providing our students with beautiful and eye-opening decorations. I am happy to report that attendance for prom was up 45% compared to last year, and that is a direct reflection of the commitment our parents, teachers, and students have to create unforgettable and memorable events.


2015-2016 Prom King and Queen:

Congratulations to Jose Suarez and Rebecca Mejia for being crowned 2015-2016 Prom King and Queen!


As mentioned above, Mari, Teresa, Marla, and Letty planned and coordinated beautiful decorations for prom. Here are a few photos of their work. Thank you again, ladies!


Office of the Dean

Like I mentioned last month, this is the time of the school year when students are feeling the challenge of adhering to the dress code guidelines as defined by the Student-Family Handbook. I would like to thank all parents and students for continuing to support the school’s policies regarding dress code, and I am optimistic that the positive trend will continue. With graduation occurring this month, let’s continue to support our students so they can finish in stellar fashion!


While we are noticing adherence with grooming and dress code in certain areas, the two themes that still require improvement are facial hair and skirt length. Our staff and faculty are on board with the support of your students in regard to the dress code policies. With your support, we can make great strides in providing positive, enjoyable, and meaningful school climate for all students through the last day of the school year.


I am here to serve all St. Francis High School students, faculty, staff, parents, and community members. Together, we can ensure a meaningful learning experience and success in all facets of student life for your student! Thank you for all your support, and I wish you a purposeful and enjoyable end of the school year!

Vince D. Monroy

Dean of Students | Director of Student Activities

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