From the Counseling Department: September 2016 News


Reminders for Parents and Students:


Did your student complete a summer school course this summer? If so, please remember to provide a copy of the summer school transcript grades to Mrs. Green so that the grades may be posted on your student's transcript.  This is a very important step in making sure that credit is given for the work that your student completed. If your student is still "In-Progress" with the course, be sure to send in the grades as soon as possible when the course is completed and grades are posted to you.  For questions or concerns, feel free to contact Mrs. Green ASAP.

Learning Issue or Disability? If your student has been tested (or retested) during the summer for a learning issue or disability and has documented information regarding needed accommodations, please contact Mrs. Green ASAP.  We will need a copy of the documentation before records can be updated and/or accommodations given.

Are you wondering how to get an overall perspective about how to get into college?   Mrs. Green has posted a Student/Parent College Counseling Guide on the Saint Francis website on the Counseling Page. Take some time to download and look through this guidebook! This informative booklet is filled with information you need to know including choosing college and career with the right “fit” for you.  College requirements for admission, personal statement guidelines, financial aid 101, and other college-related resources are also explained.  Also, check out the “Links” section which gives you direct access to many important college websites.

Information for Seniors:  This month, Ms. Green will be delivering college information to seniors via one of their classes and encouraging students to meet with her to discuss individual college plans during lunch, after school, or during a study hall period. Parents are welcome to join such meetings.  Seniors considering applying for early admission should see Ms. Green during early September.

Senior Profiles are due on September 19th (or sooner).  Senior Profiles are used by teachers and the counselor to write letters of recommendation and for finding the right scholarships that fit a student’s needs.

The UC and Common Application websites are open to begin working on student applications; however, submission is not available until October 1st or November 1st (UC).

For the UC, the link is as follow:

For the CSU use: Note that CSU applications may be submitted beginning on October 1st.

For the Common Applications use the following website:   

Seniors applying to private and out-of-state universities not using the Common Application need to request applications online or by mail from those individual colleges/universities.  

Senior Parent Night Program: Mark your calendars for Wednesday, Sept 28 at 6:30 p.m, to attend the Senior Parent Night program.   The program will focus on the college application process.  You will be able to get the latest information on

  • How to apply to UC, CSU, and Private Institutions on-line,
  • How to prepare your “personal insights” essay,
  • Teacher recommendation strategies, and
  • Updates on the Financial Aid process.

SAT and ACT Tests: Seniors have the opportunity to sign up for SAT and ACT test dates still accepted by colleges for admissions.  When you sign up, be sure to send the results to the colleges to which you are applying. You may send four scores free each time you register for the exam.

NOTE: The December testing date is the last time seniors may take an exam and still have it counted for the college application process.  


SAT and Subject dates      Registration Deadline           Late   

Oct. 1, 2016                                 Sept.1, 2016           Sept. 20, 2016       

Nov. 5, 2016                             Oct. 7, 2016                     Oct. 25, 2016

Dec. 3, 2016                             Nov. 3, 2016                     Nov. 22, 2016


ACT test dates                  Registration Deadline             Late Fee Deadline

Sept 10, 2016                                Aug. 5h                           Aug. 16-19  

Oct. 22, 2016                           Sept. 16                          Sept  17-30

 Dec 10, 2016                                   Nov. 4                             Nov. 5-184

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