Greetings and from the Office of the Dean of Students and Director of Student Activities:



Dear Students, Parents, and Host Families,

What a great start to the school year. August is behind us, and I am looking forward to a great September. I would like to thank all parents for working together with staff and faculty to ensure that we provide an enjoyable, positive, and meaningful learning experience to all of our students. Here are the updates for Student Activities and Office of the Dean.

Student Activities

August brought us many enjoyable activities that included the Senior Kickoff, New Student Orientation, Back to School BBQ, and Fall Sports Rally. Seniors bonded at Senior Kickoff, freshman and new students got a taste of St. Francis life at orientation, the Fall Sports Rally featured a new platform that was loud and spirited. These activities symbolize a prominent part of the oratory model: The Playground. In order to promote that component, we are ready to kick off our September activities to infuse fun, give joy, and celebrate life with all of our students.

I would like to thank all members of Animas for all their leadership during these events. Our Animators have taken the joy and excitement of our events and activities to a new level! Thank you!

Here is the list of activities and updates for September:

September 2

Selection of the 2016-2017 Animas Core Team!

September 10

ATTENTION: There will be a dance on September 10 and the these is GREASE! The pink ladies, greasers, cheerleaders, and jocks will fill the BAC (gym). Will American Bandstand be there? We’ll see. Please make sure your students gets into the spirit and wears 50s gear!

September 12

Club Faire – Students will make their passion a reality by creating and welcoming members for their club!

September 23

VITA! – What better way to promote fun, joy, and celebrate life than to build community for our freshmen students through VITA!

September 28

First Class Meetings. Freshman Class Officer Elections. Elections packages will be available September 9.

Office of Dean

I am glad to report that our students are making great strides in adhering to the school’s new dress code policy and tutorial policy. I am optimistic that the student body will continue that trend. I want to thank the parents that reminded their student(s) to wear their Burgundy Day dress uniform on required days. Please continue to support your student by checking the school calendar for dress guidelines. For detailed dress code options, please review Chapter 8 (Dress and Appearance) of the Student-Family Handbook.

Like I mentioned in my previous newsletter, I am here to serve all St. Francis High School students, faculty, staff, parents, and community members. Together, we can ensure a meaningful learning experience and success in all facets of student life for your student!

Thank you for all your support, and I wish you an enjoyable and purposeful September!

Vince D. Monroy

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