OCTOBER 2016-- Counseling Newsletter from Mrs. Green

OCTOBER 2016-- Counseling Newsletter from Mrs. Green

        The month of October is busy, because it marks the period when standardized testing begins for our freshman, sophomore, and junior students and many college application sites are opening for seniors.


CSU application due dates:  Oct. 1st- Nov. 30th   

A CSU application workshop will be held after school on Oct. 2nd  but all seniors are invited to see Mrs. Green individually if they need help applying earlier. https://secure.csumentor.edu/

UC application due dates:  Nov. 1st-Nov. 30th   

The UC website is now open but application submission will not be available until Nov. 1st.  A morning application workshop will be held at school on Wednesday, Oct 21st at 8:50am.  Seniors applying to UC are strongly recommended to attend this workshop.  http://admission.universityofcalifornia.edu/

Common Application due dates vary with each college: Be sure to check college websites for information.  The common app website is open now to begin applications.   www.commonapp.org

Mrs. Green has been working with individual students to begin applications for CSU, UC, and private colleges.  If you haven’t come in for your senior appointment yet, see Mrs. Green ASAP!

Some scholarships are currently available for senior students:  Announcements are being sent out on your Renweb site.  Be sure to keep track of dates and deadlines--be sure to apply if you are eligible.  Every year, scholarship money goes unused because students fail to apply and submit their applications.

The Senior Parent/Student Night presentation is now available for viewing on the St. Francis website under the counseling link.

If you haven’t already started, work on the FAFSA application NOW!   The FAFSA website opened on Oct. 1st  allowing you to apply using your current year taxes--no more estimating needed.  Go to the www.fafsa.ed.gov site and the the first step by creating your FSA ID (Personal Identification Number) on the FSA ID link.  One student and one parent must have an FSA ID to legally sign documents for college, loans, FAFSA forms, etc.  Keep your ID safe…it is your identity.

Students applying to Santa Clara University and a few other institutions:  You need to know about the CSS Profile.  This is a different type of comprehensive financial aid form that must be completed by students and parents as part of the financial aid process for certain institutions.  It is usually filed in October and November depending on the university’s preference.  You can find the form on https://student.collegeboard.org/content/css-financial-aid-profile

All other parents/students:

Reminder:  There is a handy Parent College Guide Resource Booklet on the St. Francis website available to download.  This booklet gives a great “College 101” overview of the college planning, search, and application process.  It is a “must see” for any parent or student interested in going to a four or two year college program directly out of high school.   Go to “Students” à”Forms & Docs”  à College Guide v-6, if the    link below doesn’t work.        http://www.stfrancishigh.net/ourpages/auto/2013/2/26/49555476/College%20Guide%20v-6.pdf

The PSAT/NMSQT is given to all Sophomores and Juniors to prepare them for the kinds of questions they will be expected to know for the SAT and to help them determine where their individual skill levels are in relation to other students locally and nationwide.  It provides important insights about what your student needs to know and do, to improve in those areas of concern.  It also provides the school insights into what areas of curriculum to improve.

This year your 10th & 11th grade students will be taking the PSAT on October 19th.

  •      The sophomores are given the test as a practice in standardized testing protocol.  Juniors, who score very high (99%tile) on the PSAT test become eligible for Merit Scholarship recognition.  This type of recognition can be very valuable when they apply for college as seniors.  
  •      The testing date this year is Oct.19th.  Your student should be bringing home a PSAT practice test booklet to work on.   You should encourage him/her to work on a few questions every evening to help improve their scores.  Teachers will also be using various questions from the booklet and other strategies in the classroom to assist in this process.  They have been practicing for the exam in their math and English classes as well.
  •      The test day will be a special schedule shortened to a half-day program.  Students need to be here from 7:50 to 11:15 a.m. in regular school dress. They will be asked to report to assigned classrooms to take the exams.  Parents and students will need to make arrangements for student pick-up to accommodate this early release schedule.  This is a mandatory school day for juniors, sophomores, and freshmen. Lunch trucks will serve on that day.

Please see flyer below!

  •      Seniors will have the day off on OCT 19th to work on college applications!

 NOTE:  This year, for the first time we are giving the PSAT 8-9 to all freshmen students.   on Oct 19th during the assigned PSAT time.  See flyer below:

A Powerpoint presentation is available for both the PSAT/NMSQT (10-11) and the PSAT 8-9 on the St. Francis website in the Counseling Dept link.

  The Cabrillo College and Career Night program will be held on November 7nd from 6-8pm.  This is a once-a-year opportunity to meet with and get information from public and private college representatives from all over the state and the nation.  Financial Aid presentations are also available in the Library for Seniors and parents to begin working on the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

Looking for a Career Tech Education…then this night is designed for you!  Learn all about multiple career programs that you can train for at Cabrillo.

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