Digital Citizenship: “Private today, public tomorrow.”


Last week, faculty, students and parents participated in the latest digital citizenship installment entitled, “Private today, public tomorrow.” This presentation was created by SFPA President Ed Moakler and Director of IT James Watson, with all resources coming from Common Sense Media. Participants reflect on their responsibility to protect the privacy of themselves and others when posting information online. Everyone read a true story about the unintended consequences of sharing a compromising photo, and then they considered how this situation might be different if someone else shared the photo. The students were also asked how would this look to a future college admissions department deciding if this applicant should be admitted to that college. Next, participants were asked to brainstorm questions they should ask themselves before posting and tagging photos, videos, or any information about others online, and create a decision tree to guide them through future choices. Finally, students were quizzed on their comprehension of this important topic and were required to score more than 80%.

Additional resources for SF families.

Raise Your Voice Against Cyberbullying (video)
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