CYM Updates

Our theme this month is gratitude.  How do we show gratitude to the members of our family?  Our speaker this month will be Dr. Scherr who will share with us his experiences being a veteran and his years working at the Veterans Hospital.  This month we want to remember all those in our families who are serving and have served for our country.  We have a poster on campus where we are asking students to write the names of family members who are serving or have served so we can lift them up in prayer and honor them on November 11, Veterans day.  In collaboration with Operation Gratitude and their “It’s never too late to say “Thank You” program we will be inviting students to write Thank You cards to veterans.

Service in our Community

I want to thank the Animas Service Committee for finding fun ways for us to support the community and I want to thank you for being so charitable.  Last month through the sale of our SF Shark Breast cancer t-shirts and were able to raise $500 for the HERS Breast Cancer Foundation.  This doubled our donation from last year.  The HERS Director wanted me to share her gratitude with all of you.  She is so impressed that a group of high school students would care so much about women they have never met.

In October we focused on women’s cancer and in the month of November we will focus on Men’s cancer issues.  We will be sponsoring a No Shave November starting November 14.  Boys can pay $5 a week to not shave.  This event will last until December 16.  For our female Sharks and boys who will remain clean shaven they have the opportunity to pay $5 every Thursday to be out of uniform.  All proceeds will go to the Katz Cancer resource center.

Family Feast

On November 18, our last day before Thanksgiving break we will be having an all school pot luck.  Students are asked to bring a food item based on their faith family homeroom group.  All items will be set up for a potluck during lunch.  Please send your food item to school with your student or feel free to drop off at noon and help with the festivities.  Here are the class assignments…

Alonzo          side dish                             Falcone        main course

Ausman       fruit                                      Felix             drinks

Bare             salad                                    Gray             appetizers

Castellon     dessert                                Homesley    salad

Colosi           side dish                             Meschi         main course

Doherty        dessert                                 White           drinks
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