Campus Ministry Home

St. Francis Campus Ministry Program serves the entire school community, including students, teachers, staff, alumni, and families. Aligned with the Salesian spirituality of St. John Bosco, we strive to teach Jesus' message, foster a Jesus-like community, and engage in service inspired by Jesus.

Open to people of all faiths, St. Francis is a religious school founded on the belief that happiness in life depends on love of and service to God and neighbor.

The Coordinator of Youth Ministry (CYM) leads St. Francis' Campus Ministry programs, collaborating with the Campus Minister, Salesian Director, and Salesian Youth Ministry Delegate.

The CYM oversees the student Campus Ministry team, guiding them in areas such as community service, liturgies, peer ministry, and retreats, contributing to the spiritual life and faith formation of the student body.

Our events are organized to align with the Salesian Strenna, presented annually by the Salesian Rector Major, fostering collaboration among Salesians worldwide.

The Council for the Educative Pastoral Community (CEPC) comprises St. Francis staff, parents, students, Salesian religious, and Watsonville community members. Tasked with guiding the St. Francis Pastoral Plan, the committee ensures alignment with the worldwide Salesian mission through planning, implementing, and assessing the school's Pastoral Plan.

St. Francis community gathers for reconciliation, monthly liturgies, and daily prayer, providing opportunities for Catholic students to receive sacraments regularly. All students are encouraged to attend, with non-practicing Catholics not required to participate beyond their comfort level.