Campus Ministry Home

St. Francis Campus Ministry Program ministers to the entire school community: students, teachers, staff, alumni, and families. Together with the entire Church, it works to teach Jesus' message, build Jesus' community, and serves others as Jesus did. This is accomplished through the unique Salesian spirituality espoused by our patron St. John Bosco.
St. Francis is open to people of all faiths and creeds and is a religious school founded on the belief that happiness in this life depends on love of and service to God and neighbor.
The Coordinator of Youth Ministry (CYM) directs the Campus Ministry programs of St. Francis in collaboration with our Campus Minister, Salesian Director, and the Salesian Youth Ministry Delegate.
The CYM oversees the student Campus Ministry team, who are called to lead the spiritual life and faith formation of the student body. Student Campus Ministry team leads in the areas of community service opportunities, liturgies, peer ministry, and retreats.
Annual Theme
Each year the Salesian Rector Major presents the Strenna for the Salesian family. This Strenna, or theme, binds all 15,560 Salesians, serving in 131 countries, on six continents to work collaboratively to build a better community. The St. Francis Campus Ministry team organizes our events to tie into the Salesian Strenna.
Council for the Educative Pastoral Community (CEPC)
The Council of the Educative Pastoral Community is a committee comprised of St. Francis staff, parents, students, Salesian religious, and Watsonville community members who are tasked with guiding the St. Francis Pastoral Plan to be in line with the worldwide Salesian mission. The committee does this through planning, implementing and assessing the schools Pastoral Plan, being attentive to the overall needs of the youth, and fostering linage and collaboration among St. Francis with the Watsonville community and the worldwide Salesians.
Prayer and Worship
The St. Francis community comes together to celebrate reconciliation and monthly school liturgies, enabling Catholic students to receive the sacraments regularly. We also join for daily prayer, which acknowledges God's presence and seeks God's help for individual family needs. Students who are not practicing Catholics are expected to attend school prayer and liturgical experiences, but are not required to participate past their level of comfort.
The Sacrament of Reconciliation is offered to the school community during Triduum and Lent. However, a student may schedule confession with our Campus Minister any time durning the year.