Tuition & Necessary Expenses

International Student Tuition Rate
One Payment: $20,000*
*Please Note:  First year students, tuition is due in full upon approval of the F1 Visa
Non-Refundable Registration Fees
  • $560.00 per student for first-year students (freshman and/or transfer students);
  • $500.00 per student for returning students, Classes of 2021 or 2022;
  • $450.00 per student for returning students, Class of 2020.

Non-Refundable Miscellaneous Fees

$4,580 per student includes:
  • Technology/iPad Fee $750
  • Uniforms/Class Color T-shirt Fee $500
  • Student Life/Activities Fee $580
  • Student Medical Insurance (10 Months) $1000.00
  • Burgundy & Gray Gala tickets (2) $200
  • Annual Pledge Program $550
  • Family Volunteer Hours Buy-out $1000

I-20 Processing Fees

$500.00 - First Year Students 
$350.00 - Transfer Students
Payment for this fee is sent directly to St. Francis High School

Withdrawal/Refund Policy

Saint Francis High School incurs costs upon the acceptance of an international student.  When reserving a place for a student who has committed to enrollment the school may be denying admission to another international student due to the guidelines placed on the limitation of international enrollment.
Therefore, when a student voluntarily withdrawals, Saint Francis High School will incur an additional loss of tuition. The following schedule is the school’s tuition refund policy for International Students who voluntarily withdrawal from St. Francis: 
  • Notice of withdrawal received by May 20, 2019 = 50% of paid tuition refunded
  • Notice of withdrawal received by June 5, 2019 = 35% of paid tuition refunded
  • Notice of withdrawal received by July 5, 2019 = 25% of paid tuition refunded
  • Notice of withdrawal received after July 5, 2019 = 0% of paid tuition refunded

Special Notes

St. Francis will provide families with detailed banking information for wiring necessary fees and tuition.