Music Course Offerings

The St. Francis Choir develops vocal and performance skills of students participating in a mixed choir. Medium to difficult high school choral literature is performed at school and community events. Students develop critical social skills and creative thinking skills promoting a well-balanced lifestyle and the possibility of advancement in a career.

Concert Band
Concert band is a yearlong course open to students with or without previous instrumental music experience. This course is intended to provide the student with musicianship techniques in instrumental performance (tone production, technical skills, intonation, music reading skills, listening skills, analyzing music, studying historically significant styles of literature, and integration of other applicable disciplines such as sight-reading and correct responses to a conductor’s musical insight to the literature being studied and to be performed). Students study a varied repertoire of developmentally appropriate concert band literature, technical studies, and develop the ability and artistry to convey a composer’s intent in the performance of music. Upon completing the course the student will have acquired the necessary skills to perform with a strong musical background in which they may continue to develop their talents towards musical vocation. Inherent to the course is the understanding that students are enrolled to further develop their own individual talents as well as develop the talents of the overall group which culminates in the creation and performance of music.