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A young person who attends St. Francis High School is challenged to develop his/her whole person through a Catholic, Salesian experience. For this to occur, there has to be a special bond between the parent(s)/guardian(s) - as primary educator(s), the students, and the school. This special bond is a partnering between all three to journey with the youth: Youth Ministry.

As part of the parent youth ministry commitment from the school, we host monthly Parent Association meetings. Any parent can attend. At these meetings the parents get to speak directly with the President-Principal and a guest administrator on key topics/issues surrounding the education of our young people. This one-on-one time cannot be discounted. Student and parent ideas and concerns are shared and vetted.

The St. Francis Parent Association also sponsors 3 General Parent Meetings annually as well. These meetings provide local experts and guest speakers to discuss critical interests and challenges to our young people’s maturity. In the past we have hosted Dr. Denise Pope from Stanford, Fr. John Roche from the Salesian Graduate School of Theology, local family therapists discussing parent-teen relationships, SC Sheriff’s to inform us teen issues with drugs and alcohol, etc.

Our Academic/College Counselor also offers quarterly meetings for grade level parents and their student(s). For example, the Counselor will host a senior information night on readiness for college. Even though it is listed as a “senior parent meeting” any parent from any grade level can attend and get credit for attending.

The expectation will be that a representative parent/guardian from each family will attend the required number of Parent Partnering Commitment meetings:
  • For 9th grade: three meetings. The meetings can be ones offered by our Academic Counselor, Ms. Haydee Lemus or they can be St. Francs Parent Association General Meetings.
  • For 10th-12th grades: two meetings. The meetings can be ones offered by our Academic Counselor, Ms. Patricia Gutierrez or they can be St. Francs Parent Association General Meetings.

The meeting dates will be published with your school financial contract. They will also be posted on the annual school calendar and in the monthly Principal’s Newsletter. Failure to attend the minimum required number of meetings will result in a fine ($50.00 per meeting). This partnership is in place to encourage our parent(s)/guardian(s), students, faculty, and staff to journey with the young men not only in the classroom, but in the entire sphere of the St. Francis family community. This practice has been successfully implemented at other Salesian parochial and high schools effectively and has shown tremendous growth in effectively communicating with our partner families as well as providing high level parent education nights.