Varsity Letter & Letterman Jacket

ATHLETIC AWARDS (Block “SF” Lettering)
The awarding of an athletic letter at St. Francis High School is an acknowledgment of excellence and achievement.  In order to receive a letter, an athlete must not only abide by the rules and policies stated in the Student Parent Guide and by the Athletic Department, but in the Head Coaches opinion, he must be deserving of such a letter.  Attendance and attitude toward the team will play a major part in the coaches’ decision.
Each athlete agrees that, whether the emblems come to him/her as a gift, a personal purchase, an award, or from whatever source, the title block “SF” emblem shall rest with the school.
To letter Varsity, there is an additional minimum requirement for each sport, but a coach may waive it and award a letter because of injury, superior effort, inspiration or leadership.  With the prior approval of the President and Principal, and the Athletic Director, each Head Coach has the right to implement his/her own criteria for awarding a St. Francis High School Block “SF” letter.
If a team wins the league or appears in the post season C.I.F. competition, all members of the team are eligible for letter awards and certificates.  A manager may also be eligible to receive a Block “SF” letter award at the discretion of the head coach.  The athletes should be notified of the lettering criteria prior to the season.
Cheerleading and Student Athletic-Trainers may also be awarded a Varsity letter.
For our letterman jackets, we use CA Logos in Seaside (1424 Fremont Boulevard; Seaside, CA 93955). Their phone number is 831-747-1540.
Lettermen jackets can be worn year-round at school - whether it’s a dress uniform or a regular uniform day. A letterman jacket may be worn on burgundy dress uniform days with an embroidered school dress shirt and the official uniform tie. Uniform sweaters do not need to be worn with the letterman jacket and uniform dress shirt/tie.
  • The jacket must be purchased through one of the two above approved providers. It must be the burgundy and gray jacket only.
  • The varsity block “SF” goes on the left chest.  
  • The student’s name can go on the right chest in cursive or block lettering. No Old English fonts. Thread must be white. No nicknames.
  • The school-approved mascot may be embroidered on the right chest or the back of the jacket.
  • The crest may not be used. The crest is for official, formal use/events only and may not be embroidered on the jacket.
  • League, CCS, and/or State championship patches may be sewn on the right side of the jacket or the back.
  • The last name of the student or “ST. FRANCIS” may be embroidered in all caps on the back of the jacket. Block lettering only. No cursive or Old English style lettering.
  • The American flag may be added on the back below the color and above the last name or school name. No other flags may be added without prior approval.
  • On the left sleeve the year of graduation may be added and abbreviations for sports may be added with embroidered patches for each varsity sport participated in during the student’s high school career (i.e. “2016” or “16”; below that an “FB” for football; “SCR” for soccer; and “TF” for track and field if your student-athlete lettered in 3 sports). If the student-athlete participates in a sport like swimming, track, or wrestling, then the events may be added below that sport).
  • On the right sleeve a “Scholar Athlete” patch or “Varsity Club” patch may be embroidered along with the uniform numbers issued for each varsity sport.
  • Medals may be worn on the right side of the jacket. Only medals worn during a school-approved competition may adorn the letterman jacket.
  • As students letter a second, third, or fourth time in a sport, the school will award a small sport logo for each successive year. These patches are sewn onto the block “SF” on the left chest. Student-athletes may opt to put the sport logo on for Year 2, and then a bar attached for each year after that.
The school reserves the right to not allow a student to wear the letterman jacket to any school function on or off campus if these guidelines are not met.